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Black Special Forces are a special infantry unit that is not as vulnerable to snipers. and are the best warriors with advance technology. Black Special ops (BSO) are typically performed independently or in conjunction with conventional military operations. The primary goal is to achieve a political or military objective where a conventional force requirement does not exist or might affect the overall strategic outcome. Special operations are usually conducted in a low-profile manner that typically aim to achieve the advantage of speed, surprise, and violence of action against an unsuspecting target. Special ops are typically carried out with limited numbers of highly trained personnel that are able to operate in all environments, utilize self-reliance, are able to easily adapt and overcome obstacles, and use unconventional combat skills and equipment to complete objectives. Special operations are usually implemented through specific or tailored intelligence Special forces, or special operations forces are terms used to describe elite millitary tactical teams trained to perform high-risk dangerous missions that conventional units cannot perform. Special forces soldiers need to be physically and mentally robust and have the confidence, courage, and skill to operate individually or in small teams, often in isolation and in a hostile environment. They are high-value assets commanded at the strategic level, delivering effects disproportionate to their size. Structured military activities have always required the support of specialised assets providing additional capabilities, some of which now come under the umbrella of what are now described as special forces capabilities. The tactics and techniques used by these assets may have remained the preserve of specialist units or be cascaded out to more standard units over time.Special forces, as they would now be recognised, emerged in the early 20th century Special forces have played an important role throughout the history of warfare whenever the aim has been to achieve disruption by "hit and run" and sabaotage rather than more traditional conventional army combat using large formations of troops and motorized armor groups. Other significant roles lay in reconnaissance providing essential intelligence from close to or among the enemy, and increasingly in combating terrorists, their infrastructure and activities.

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